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Get to Know Us

SMH Events is a family-owned business with over 16 years of experience in the events industry. Based in Essex, we proudly deliver to London and the surrounding Home Counties.


We offer a wide range of high quality temporary structures for hire to the events industry. 


Over the years, we have built a customer centric approach to our installations based on a reliable, and personalised service.

Our extensive experience means we understand the unique needs of every event, whether it's a community gathering, corporate function, private party, or charity event.

We look forward to working with you.


Nigerian Festival UK

"We are really happy we used SMH Events for the 2nd Edition of Nigerian Festival UK that held on Saturday 17th of June 2023, at Vauxhall Park, London. The service we received was very satisfactory, all equipments were supplied on time, staff were supportive and polite. They are one of the best in the country and despite the company being new, the Head and the team have years of experience in the industry. Once again, thanks SMH Events for contributing to the huge success of our event. We will certainly use your service for our event next year."

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